About Us

Dr Claire Moran

I am an Embryologist with an established career in Assisted Human Reproduction. I am passionate about helping couples to achieve their dream of becoming parents in the most natural way possible.

Misconceptions and the lack of support in relation to basic reproductive facts are genuine obstacles in terms of accessing information on Fertility Services in Ireland. I believe that Fertility advice and information should be available to everyone regardless of social class or economic wealth.

In 2016, I launched this website and blog as a resource for couples to recognise their own fertility potential. My mission is to empower you with the information you need to make appropriate treatment decisions and remove any barriers or impediments to accessing the correct information. I believe that knowledge is power, particularly when it comes to fertility.

In many cases, expensive and Advanced Reproductive Techniques are not necessary and should be seen as a last resort. For the vast majority of couples, natural conception is possible.

“If you learn to identify key signs and biomarkers in your own body then you have already increased your chances of getting pregnant.”

Professional Experience

I am a member of the Irish Association of Clinical Embryologists (ICE) and the British Fertility Society (BFS).

I have over 10 years experience performing all aspects of Assisted Reproduction including IUI (Intra-uterine Insemination), IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation), ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection), Gamete Cryopreservation (Eggs, Embryos and Sperm), Semen Analysis and Sperm DNA Fragmentation.

I have co-ordinated Donor Sperm and Donor Egg Programmes with clinics in Denmark, Spain, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Greece and USA.

I was directly involved in the introduction of European Directives and Statutory Instruments relating to the Quality and Safety of Tissues and Cells into Irish Fertility Clinics.


ACE Certificate in Clinical Embryology
I trained as a Clinical Embryologist at the Hewitt Fertility Centre at Liverpool Womens Hospital and I was awarded an ACE Certificate in Clinical Embryology

PhD in Pharmacology and Developmental Biology
I graduated from University College Dublin with my PhD in 2006.

BSc (Honours) Pharmacology
In 2002, I graduated from University College Dublin with an Honours Degree in Pharmacology.

What They Say About Us


Hi Claire, I’m just so delighted to let you know I had a positive pregnancy test this morning. Its been a long 2 years of going aroung in circles and I can’t believe that after just one month of working with you I’m finally pregnant. Thank you so much for all of your help.


Lisa, Cork

Being able to ask Claire the questions that I’m too embarassed to ask my Doctor feels like a weight has been lifted from me. I reaslise now how silly I have been but I am excited to start trying to get pregnant now with all of the new information I have learned.

Lisa, Cork


I’m so glad I found you on Facebook Claire. At last I have the confidence to track my cycle properly. I have never been able to use Ovulation Predictor kits before as I never understood the results. Thank you for explaining how they work! I could never understand how they never worked for me but I realise now I was using them wrong the whole time!


Why Choose Me

I have extensive experience in all aspects of Fertility Treatments and Investigations. I will give you information on what is relevant to you and your partner in order to increase your chances of becoming parents.

My aim is to make affordable Fertility Investigations and treatment options available to everyone. Coping with difficulty conceiving is stressful enough without the added burden of taking time off work to attend Doctors appointments. All of my fertility investigations and treatments can be performed in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

I will teach you how to maximise your fertility level by understanding your own body. There is no medication involved.

My 28 Day Natural Fertility Programme will increase your chances of getting pregnant in just ONE menstrual cycle.

I am a scientist and everything I will teach you about increasing your chances of getting pregnant is based on Scientific fact. I study all the latest research and bring the most relevant scientific advancements to you as soon as they are available

With a decade of experience working in fertility clinics I have witnessed the pain and anxiety associated with difficulty conceiving. I have experienced the highs and the lows and I am here for you to give you clear and honest information in relation to your individual situation.

My Standards

You are not alone. Let’s work together to increase your chances of getting Pregnant.

I pride myself on providing an efficient, professional service to all couples that I work with. When you work with me, you get me. I am the person who will answer your calls, emails and questions.

When you work with me you are never treated like a number. You are treated as an individual. You will have solutions tailored to your individual circumstances.

My Principles

You will always come first

Your success is my number ONE priority. My mission is to help you to recognise your own fertility potential.

I take great pride in the Professional Quality of my work

I have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything I undertake.

Confidential and Non-Judgemental Service

Your confidentiality is guaranteed. Dealing with infertility is an extremely private and sensitive issue and I respect this.

I pride myself on providing a non-judgemental and confidential service to all of the couples I work with.