Valentines Day – The Perfect time to Conceive

Valentines Day has origins in the Roman Festival of Lupercalia which was held in order to rid the cities of evil spirits to celebrate love, health and fertility.

Trying to conceive is also a celebration of love, health and fertility so why not make a special effort to celebrate this Valentines Day. Make plans now to let your partner know how special they are to you and how much you appreciate them. This doesn’t have to be a lavish display of chocolates and gifts, sometimes the simple things are best.

Follow my Top Tips in order to make this Valentines Day the Perfect Time to Conceive.

Tip 1 : Make a Date at Home

Clear your diary and make a date at home. Switch off your phones and make an evening just about you and your partner. Take some time and enjoy reminiscing about when you first met and how you made each other feel. Cheesy songs and poems are allowed! Relax and enjoy each others company.

Tip 2: Forget Baby-Making Sex

The excitement of baby-making sex soon turns to stress and anxiety when pregnancy doesn’t happen as quickly as expected. Increased stress levels have been shown to negatively impact on fertility and nothing increases stress more than timed, mechanical sex. So for one month why not put away the ovulation sticks and concentrate on the fun and romance surrounding baby-making.

Tip 3: Improve your Health and Lifestyle

This Valentines Day swap chocolates and wine for a romantic walk or a couples massage. Alcohol, smoking and poor diet all affect both male and female fertility levels. Try to go to bed an hour earlier than you normally would. Lack of sleep is associated with hormonal imbalance.

Tip 4: Be Spontaneous

Do something that you have never done before. Surprise your partner. Again this doesn’t have to cost a fortune – leave some romantic notes around the house. Tell each other how you feel and what you are stressed about. Talking can relieve so much stress and built up emotions – let it all out and celebrate the positives in your relationship.

Tip 5: Get Checked

Have a good talk and be honest. Is it time for you to take some basic fertility tests? Most couples I meet are anxious about taking fertility tests but none regret it. It has never been easier to take fertility tests in the privacy of your own home. An excellent starting point is the Swimcount test for men and an AMH test for women. Both of these tests can be ordered online with FREE delivery and follow up consultation to discuss your results.

Read more about taking an AMH Test here

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All fertility tests from Simply Conceive are delivered in plain packaging with no logos or branding. Your privacy is our priority.

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