How to get pregnant by checking your Temperature: It’s Incredibly Easy!

Yes its a fact! Taking your temperature every day can confirm Ovulation, determine your overall Reproductive Health and identify Weaknesses in your cycle.

This is not a new phenomenon. Temperature patterns during the menstrual cycle were first described in the 1930’s by proponents of the rhythm method of birth control! Yes that’s correct, this method is so accurate you can actually use it as a form of contraception!

So how does it work?

Officially called Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Charting, it involves taking your temperature first thing every morning, immediately after your wake up and recording this on a graph. There are a huge number of online apps and websites where you can input your daily temperature and they will generate the graph automatically for you. Some can even tell you when you have ovulated! I prefer the old-fashioned pen and paper approach myself as you get to ‘join the dots’ as your cycle progresses to reveal the pattern. Here is what a typical computer generated graph looks like:

Image result for bbt graph

It might look Complicated but its actually Quite Straightforward

Each daily temperature reading is a dot. So on the graph above it starts with Sundays tempreature of 97.9, Mondays temperature was again 97.9 and on Tuesday it dropped to 97.6. The pattern is only revealed as your cycle progresses and the graph should be started on Day 1 of your cycle (First day of bleeding).

Help I’m Confused?

It can take one or two cycles to get used to recording your temperature and interpreting the graph. This is where I am here to help. If you sign up for my 28 Day Natural Fertility Programme I will teach you how to accurately record your graph and help you to understand it. Together we can also identify any subtle issues with your cycle that your graph may be revealing. When you work with me you don’t waste months trying to figure out your graph on your own.

What is Considered Normal?

A normal BBT graph consists of 2 phases- before Ovulation and After Ovulation.

Before Ovulation BBT is low, so each day your temperature readings will be low.

At Ovulation there is usually a dip in temperature followed by a significant spike. The graph below highlights a perfect example of this.Image result for bbt graph

After ovulation the change in hormones causes a rise in temperature which is maintained during the second phase of the cycle. If pregnancy occurs your temperature will remain high. If not, your temperature will drop back down at the start of the next cycle.

How will this Increase my Chances of getting Pregnant?

BBT Charting will confirm if you have Ovulated. If you do not Ovulate then you can’t get pregnant. When combined with other techniques such as Ovulation Predictor Kits and Cervical Mucus Monitoring this technique will allow you to time intercourse correctly in order to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

What do I need to get Started?

The first thing you need is a Basal Body Temperature Thermometer. This is a specially calibrated thermometer for identifing subtle temperature changes. You then need to decide how you are going to record the temperature readings. You can either use a graph and a pen or an online app to do this. Regardless of how you record your temperatures, the overall pattern derived from the readings is the most important thing.

Need One to One Support and Guidance?

My 28 Day Natural Fertility Programme is exactly what you need to understand your cycle and get pregnant faster. I will teach you how to accurately track your cycle using Basal Body Temperature Charting, Cervical Musus Monitoring and I will show you how to use Ovulation Predictor Sticks properly. I even include a Home Sperm Testing Kit to make sure we are not missing an undiagnosed problem with Sperm Quality!

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