Phone Consultation

If you have any concerns about you or your partners fertility level then seek help now.

Asking Questions and Empowering yourself with the correct Information will Increase your Chances of Success.

One of the most common Questions I get asked is

What will I get from a Phone Consultation?

The answer is support, information and education on how to improve your chances of getting pregnant.

I will review your fertility journey and help you to create a plan of action specifically for you.

I realise that every couple is different so there is no pre-determined plan of action. Your plan will be based on your overall lifestyle, diet, health and relationship.

Even though my professional backround is in Advanced Reproductive Technologies I believe that such techniques should be used as a last resort. In some cases there is no option only to proceed immediately to IVF but for the vast majority of couples a natural pregnancy can be achieved through making simple changes.

After your phone consultation your questions will have been answered and you will have a clear plan of action with my back-up and support. You will also be more confident about your fertility potential.

So don’t suffer in silence. Get my support today and take a step closer to achieving your dreams.

fertility consultation


My phone consultations are relaxed and informal. No Question is too big or too small. I am here to offer support and guidance.

Consultations Generally last between 30 and 60 minutes and the fee is €50.

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