Sperm Quality- Home Kit

  • Male fertility test that shows you both the quantity and motility of your sperm
  • At home fertility test for men offers privacy and convenience
  • 96% accurate, developed and produced by fertility experts
  • Easy to use with simple to read results in only 30 minutes
  • Discover if you have a high or low chance of conceiving

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Private, Convenient and easy to Perform. Results in just 30 minutes.

Poor sperm quality is a key factor behind the problems many couples experience when trying to conceive. Since it can be inconvenient and embarrassing to visit a hospital or fertility clinic to get tested, many men choose to buy at-home sperm tests. However, the existing home tests do not accurately assess male fertility since they only measure sperm count and not sperm quality. SwimCount is the first home test which allows you to get a reliable answer about your chance of making a woman pregnant. SwimCount works by measuring your sperm cells' ability to swim, which is a key factor in achieving pregnancy. SwimCount can never been to replace the full evaluation of male fertility that has to be performed by fertility/andrology professionals. Any abnormal result will have to be further analysed by a professional, but SwimCount can enable you to get an easy and reliable answer which could avoid you to do any embarrassing and inconvenient further testing if not necessary.

How to Use SwimCount - My Review

Watch my Video to get my opinion on SwimCount and see how to use it.

How does the SwimCount Test work?

There are three chambers in the device. Only motile sperm cells can swim from chamber no. 1 (Sample Chamber) into chamber no. 2 (Separation Chamber). The motile sperm cells get stained with a dye in chamber no. 2, which produces the colour in chamber no. 3 (Detection and Result Window). The more motile sperm cells in the semen sample, the darker the colour in the Detection and Result Window.

How accurate is SwimCount?

SwimCount has a sensitivity of 96% and specificity of 91%. This means that if the test shows that your sperm have more than 5 million motile sperm cells, it is 96% likely that the test result is correct. If the test shows that your sperm have less than 5 million motile sperm cells per ml., it is 91% likely that the result is correct.

How long time will the result stay in the device?

The test result must be read within 5 minutes after pulling back the slider. The result might be biased if left for too long. It is recommended to take a picture for documentation within 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, the test result will not be valid.

Buy SwimCount Now

Determine your Sperm Quality Today

Private, Convenient and Easy to Perform. Results in Just 30 minutes.

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