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Male Fertility Test - SwimCount


In order for pregnancy to occur, a man must produce sperm that are strong and healthy enough to reach the egg and fertilise it. Problems with male fertility are usually associated with factors that either affect sperm production or sperm transport.

More than 90% of male infertility causes are low sperm counts, poor sperm motility or both. The remaining causes are due to genetic defects, anotomical problems (e.g. blockages) or hormonal imbalance. Luckily, for most men, if the cause can be identified it is usually reversible. In many cases, fertility levels can be significantly improved through diet and lifestyle changes. Sperm are continuously produced throughout a mans lifetime in a cycle which takes approximately 3 months to complete.

There are usually no obvious signs or symptoms to determine whether a man has a reduced fertility level. The only conclusive test is to carry out a Semen Analysis.

SwimCount is the World's FIRST & ONLY Home Test that measures the Sperms Motility - this is the number 1 parameter when testing sperm.. Other home tests measure the quantity of sperm but SwimCount separates the motile and non-motile sperm cells

  • Results in just 30 minutes
  •  96% accuracy when comparing the results to microscopy.


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The ONLY Home Sperm Test that Measures SPERM COUNT AND MOTILITY

Determine your Sperm Quality today. The sooner a problem is identified the sooner you can start doing something about it. Producing new sperm cells takes 3 months so don't wait any longer to check your fertility level.

Female Fertility Test - AMH Blood Test

AMH Test

AMH (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) is perhaps the single most important blood test to have carried out if you are planning to get pregnant or if you have been trying to get pregnant without success.

At birth, every woman is born with the total amount of eggs she is ever going to have. These eggs are stored inside the ovaries in tiny sacs called antral follicles. Each month, a certain number of antral follicles start to mature and one or two reach full maturity and release an egg at Ovulation.

AMH is a substance produced by the cells inside these antral follicles and can therefore be used as a marker to determine how many antral follicles are left in the ovaries.

Over the course of a womans lifetime the number of antral follicles decreases. A decrease in antral follicles means a decrease in AMH levels.

Home AMH Testing Kit

My home AMH test is identical to the test performed at a fertility clinic.

You will receive a kit by post which will allow you to take a tiny sample of blood at home from your finger. This blood sample is then posted back to the laboratory for testing. I will contact you with your result within 2 business days.

The AMH test can be performed at any stage during your menstrual cycle.



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Determine your Fertility Level

It has never been easier to determine your fertility level. Take an AMH test today and within a few days you will have your result and we can make an accurate plan of action to help you achieve a pregnancy as soon as possible.

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