Dr Claire Moran

I pride myself on Providing a Non-Judgemental and Confidential Service to all of the couples I work with.

My goal is to work with you as individuals and create a personalised plan that fits into your lifestyle and gets results in the fastest possible time.

Planning a baby should be an exciting time in your life but it is very easy to loose focus when that positive pregnancy test doesn’t happen immediately. In most cases there is a reason that can be identified as to why you are not getting pregnant.

One important point to remember is that you are not alone. In Ireland 1 in 6 couples experience difficulty getting pregnant. The vast majority of these couples go on to achieve pregnancies naturally after the problem has been identified and solved.

If you are looking for a proactive plan that is not highly medicalised, then contact me today.


28 Day Natural Fertility Programme

Get Pregnant Now

Increase your Chances of getting Pregnant Naturally with full support and Back-Up from me.

Phone Consultation

Private and Confidential

Discuss your Fertility Journey to-date and create a proactive plan to increase your chances of Getting Pregnant.

Check Your Fertility

At Home fertility Tests for Men and Women

Determine your Fertility Level Accurately in the Privacy of your Own Home.

Female Blood Tests

Perform at Home

Accurate Blood Tests performed at home. FREEPOST to the laboratory and I will contact you with your results within 2 BUSINESS DAYS

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