Low Vitamin D & Calcium linked to poor Sperm Quality & Testosterone levels

A new study has just been published in the Journal of Human Reproduction, which for the first time indicates a relationship between Vitamin D and calcium deficiency in men with poor Sperm quality and an imbalance in male sex hormones.

Men with normal levels of Vitamin D  and Calcium (based on blood tests) had higher numbers of  sperm with normal motility. Motile (swimming) sperm are the only type of sperm that can acheve a pregnancy. Good sperm motility is required in order for the sperm to travel from the vagina, through the cervix and into the fallopian tubes where an egg will be waiting after ovulation.

This study highlights the importance of a balanced diet for correct functioning of the male reproductive system. Key nutrients such as Vitamin D and Calcium can be taken in the form of supplements to ensure that normal levels are maintained.

If you are trying to conceive then it may be worth visiting your doctor to have your Vitamin D levels checked, particularly if you work indoors during the day. Due to the lack of Sunshine in Ireland it is likely that you are deficient in Vitamin D unless you are taking a daily supplement.

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