Are men left feeling like Outcasts on the Fertility Journey?

In today’s busy world we all get caught up in schedules and timelines and we assume that when we decide to have a baby our body will abide by our schedule and give us that positive pregnancy test exactly when we want it. In reality, achieving that positive test can take some time even if you are young, fit and healthy.

Its very easy to get consumed by every little sign or symptom during the menstrual cycle...Is that spot implantation bleeding? What was that twinge? Am I ovulating?  Sound familiar?

Work together

During all of this, spare a thought for your partner. He is feeling just as bad as you about the whole situation but is probably afraid to say anything for fear of upsetting you.

Top Tips

Here are some tips for keeping your relationship healthy when trying to conceive:

  1. Talk- Discuss how you are both feeling in an open and honest way.
  2. Work as a team- support each other if you need to give up alcohol or smoking or cut back on caffeine.
  3. Don't give him all of the gorey details- He doesn't need to know that you had a strange discharge today.
  4. Focus on fun- Nothing is a passion killer more than scheduled sex.
  5. Focus on your fertile window. You are more likely to get pregnant if you have sex in the days leading up to ovulation. Sperm can survive in the fallopian tubes for up to 5 days so there is no need to time intercourse only to the day of ovulation.
  6. Do something fun together, even if its just a nice walk or a trip to the cinema.

Fertility can be a difficult road so don't leave him out.

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