2016 can STILL be your year

Last January did you make a New Years resolution that 2016 was going to be your year to get pregnant? Have you been going around in circles since then and getting more and more fed up with each month that passes without a positive pregnancy test? Have you lost direction and feel like you don't know where to turn to next?

Well it's not too late...There are still 4 months left in 2016 so don't give up now.


As September approaches and the school term starts it's a good time to re-focus. Ask yourself are you and your partner really giving yourselves the best chance? Maybe you overindulged over the Summer... those cocktails by the pool probably were amazing but now it's time to make a fresh start.

It's time to think positive and forget about the past few months. All that matters now is that you go back to basics and get that enthusiasm back. Imagine you are starting school...the school of baby-making. Are you ready to succeed?

Review your checklist and get ready.

Here are 5 simple questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are your cycles regular? Do you know the average length of your last 3 cycles? Women with irregular cycles can take longer to get pregnant so it might be time to ask a fertility expert for some advice.
  2. Can you identify when you are ovulating? Identifying your fertile window (this is the 5 days leading up to ovulation) and timing intercourse to these days is key to getting pregnant.
  3. Are you taking your vitamins? Both men and women should take a multivitamin supplement to maintain healthy eggs and sperm.
  4. Is your diet giving you the best chance? Alcohol, smoking and caffeine will all reduce your chances of getting pregnant.
  5. What is your BMI (Body Mass Index)? A BMI that is too high or too low will reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

Don't forget what the ultimate goal is. Getting pregnant and maintaining a healthy pregnancy starts with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Claire x

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