SwimCount- Home Sperm Test

SwimCount shows 96% reliability when compared to lab based Semen Analysis. It is the first Home Sperm testing kit that checks Sperm Motility and Sperm Count.

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Phone Consultation

If you have any concerns about you or your partners fertility level then seek help now. Asking Questions and Empowering yourself with the correct Information will Increase your Chances of Success. One of the most common Questions I get asked is What will I get from a Phone Consultation? The answer is support, information and…
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28 Day Natural Fertility Programme

My 28 Day Natural Fertility Programme is a revolutionary new plan for couples who wish to increase their chances of NATURAL CONCEPTION. 28 Day Natural Fertility Programme Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant In Just 28 Days you will become an expert in Cycle Tracking. You will also determine your partners Sperm Quality. Everything is…
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