Monthly Archives: September 2016

Ovulation Calculator

The Ovulation Calculator Get Pregnant Faster The Ovulation Calculator will predict your Fertile Window. You can then Time Intercourse around these dates to Increase your chances of getting Pregnant. CALCULATE NOW
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How to Get Pregnant using Ovulation Predictor Kits In 5 Easy Steps

Wouldn't it be great if Ovulation Predictor Kits did exactly as they promised: 1 Pee on the stick. 2 Have Intercourse. 3 Get pregnant. Easy Right? WRONG! Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs) are the most commonly used 'pee-on-stick' devices after Pregnancy tests. Most people either love them or hate them. If you feel like you are flushing…
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It’s my 36th Birthday… am I Over the Hill?

So this week I will 'celebrate' my 36th Birthday. I don't feel any different from 10 years ago. But is this the beginning of the end for my fertility? Am I over the Hill? What have I been doing? I've been working in fertility clinics for over a decade. The fact that female fertility decreases…
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